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Sector 6
Portworld - busiest spaceport in the cosmos (GL2 # 156)
Green Lanterns:Wylxa of Portworld
Tahr of Portworld

Sector 47

Worlds:Cyc - (GL2 # 168)Thar - living star, worshipped by the Zinthans (GL2 # 168)Zintha - orbits Thar (GL2 # 168)

Green Lanterns:Spol of CycGreen Lantern of Cyc (Spol's predecessor)Lysandra of Zintha

Sector 54


Green Lanterns:Yyk (SO # 23)

Sector 68

Worlds:G'newt - world of humanoid dogs (JLA2 # 10)Orinda - homeworld of the Manhunters (JLA2 # 10)

Green Lanterns:G'nort of G'newt

Sector 69

Worlds:Naktos - (TGLCA # 2)

Green Lanterns:Ghrelk of NaktosVarix of Naktos

Sector 112

Worlds:Jayd - (GLCQ # 6)

Green Lanterns:Kentor Omoto of JaydLaira of Jayd

Sector 131

Worlds:Unknown, site of disrupted Khund/Dominion/Citadel Summit, led to Alien Alliance (GL:ED # 2)

Green Lanterns:Unknown

Sector 407

Worlds:Tchk-Tchk - homeworld of the Tchkii, Legion. A sealed world, by order of the Guardians (GL:ED #4)

Green Lanterns:Unknown

Sector 674

Worlds:Bolovax Vik - destroyed in the Crisis (GL2 # 201)

Green Lanterns:
Branwilla of Bolovax
VikKilowog of Bolovax Vik

Sector 1014

Worlds:H'lven - world of sentient chipmunks (GL2 # 148)Berrith - fought a war against H'lven. A sealed world for 2000 years by order of the Guardians (GL2 # 148)

Green Lanterns:Ch'p of H'lven Green Lantern of Sector 1014 (GL2 # 203)

Sector 1055


Green Lanterns:Adam (GLCQ # 5)

Sector 1132

Worlds:Arden - farming colony 17 of Cygnus IV (GL2 # 170)Cygnus IV - (GL2 # 170)Z'nang - world of H'od, failed galactic conquerors (GL2 # 170)

Green Lanterns:Lodar Monak of ArdenMeeno Monak of ArdenGreen Lantern of Z'nang_

Sector 1416

Worlds:Barrio III - world of crystal-like creatures (GL2 # 9)

Green Lanterns:Chaselon of Barrio III

Sector 1417

Worlds:Korugar - once ruled under the thumb of Sinestro (GL2 # 7)

Green Lanterns:Sinestro of Korugar Katma Tui-Stewart of Korugar

Sector 1418Worlds:Slyggia - (GL2 # 149)

Green Lanterns:Salakk of Slyggia
Sector 1419

Worlds:Tront - world of gaseous life forms (TGLC # 1)

Green Lanterns:Eddore of Tront

Sector 1634

Worlds:Selsia V - homeworld of Lord Hedron, leader of a race of large blue humanoids at war with Selsia VI (GLSPECIAL # 2)Selsia VI - homeworld of Janel, leader of a race of short, orange humanoids at war with Selsia V (GLSPECIAL # 2)

Green Lanterns:Lord MalvolioPriest

Sector 2112

Worlds:Unknown, sector inhabited by life no larger than an amoeba

Green Lanterns:G'nort of G'newt

Sector 2345Worlds:Pharma - (GL2 # 50)

Green Lanterns:Davo Yull of Pharma

Sector 2813

Worlds:Aku - visited by GL Tomar-ReBeltair IV - homeworld of the Aquoids (GL2 # 154)Khundia - homeworld of Khund Empire (DDAY ANNUAL # 1)Krypton - homeworld of Superman, Doomsday. DestroyedTimron - (GL # 154)Trigus VIII - homeworld of the Femazons (GL # 154)Xudar - world of sentient, orange, bird-like humanoids (GL # 6)Zamaron - homeworld of Zamarons (GL # 191)

Green Lanterns:Tomar-Re of XudarDalor of TimronTomar-Tu of XudarGalte-Re of XudarZharan Pel

Sector 2814


Alderane System - (GL2 # 23)Aoran - homeworld of Evil Star, entire population killedArchos - a planet similar to Earth, except 40,000 years behind in evolution, threatened by the Ravagers of Olys (FL # 240)Athmoora - GL Abin Sur visited this world where technological development was held back by the Larifars (GL2 # 16)Dalgova - a world at war with Pharon IV (GL2 # 156)Earth - GL Yalan Gur died here and merged with Starheart. Portal to Qward. Prophesised cradle of evolution for the next race of Immortals. Target of Alien Alliance Invasion. Mostly harmless. (Sh # 22)Garon - homeworld of the HeadmenHeliopolis - a city in space, attacked by the terrorist Kilobyte.Jotham - their sun was threatened by the Ravagers from Olys (FL # 241)M'brai - GL Hal Jordan visited this world which possesses a unique evolutionary system (GL2 # 153)Omnicron Ceti IV - GL Hal Jordan prevented this world from exploding (GL2 # 178)Pharon IV - a world at war with Dalgova (GL2 # 156)Scylla - Quarra of the Triarch re-appeared here (TRI # 1)Talkor - a world where GL Hal Jordan closed a destructive time loop. Home of a large starship sales yard (GL2 # 158)Ungara - (Sh # 22)The Vivarium - orbits red star-sun Atria, an artificial world threatened by the Ravagers of Olys. Inhabited by the Ayries, larva of the Lasma (FL # 238)Ysmault - Guardian sealed home of Empire of Tears (TGLCA#2)Zerbon - orbits yellow star-sun Altair, a world threatened by the Ravagers of Olys. Half of the planet perpetually faces the sun, the other half is always night. Inhabited by a race of plant-people (FL # 237)

Green Lanterns:

Laham of Scylla Waverly Sayre of Earth Abin Sur of Ungara Daniel Young of Earth Alan Scott of Earth Donna Parker of Earth Hal Jordan of Earth Guy Gardner of Earth John Stewart of Earth Charlie Vicker of Earth Kyle Rayner of Earth

Sector 2815

Worlds:Graxos IV - just to right of the Gemini constellation (TGLC # 1)Graxos V - world where justice comes before mercy (GL2 # 212)

Green Lanterns:Fentara of Graxos IVBlish of Graxos VArisia of Graxos IVUnnamed GL, killed by Legion (possibly Fentara)

Sector 2816

Worlds:UnknownGreen Lanterns:Unnamed GL, killed by Legion

Sector 2817

Worlds:UnknownGreen Lanterns:Unnamed GL, killed by Legion

Sector 2828

Worlds:Uxor - world where individuality is frowned upon (GL2 #164)Psion Homeworld - homeworld of the PsionsVegan System - homesystem of the Omega Men. Was off-limits to Corps, by order of the Guardians. (OM # 38)Wombworld - Psion research facility

Green Lanterns:Green Man of UxorGretti

Sector 3143

Worlds:Rolvac - (DCCP # 60)

Green Lanterns:Green Lantern of Rolvac

Sector 3273

Worlds:Unnamed - baseworld of the nomadic Poglachi (GL3 # 11)

Green Lanterns:Unknown

Sector 3319

Worlds:Axelbob IV - home of a race of small ungrateful furball creatures, rescued by GL Charlie Vicker (GL2 # 158)Ftl'yl - home of insectoid lifeforms rescued by GL Charlie Vicker (GL2 # 158)Hwagaagaa - world under seige by the Tebans. GL Charlie Vicker was stranded here (GLCQ # 3)

Green Lanterns:Charlie Vicker of Earth

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