Que esta pasando con Spiderman Alto spolier

Esto ha salido en la pagina de Samruby y me ha dejado pensado que esta pasando con Spiderman advertencia contiene spoilers tremendos

Spider-Man is dead. After stinging and feeding on the vampiric Morlun in part seven of "Spider-Man: The Other" storyline (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3), Peter collapsed and died in a hospital by his wife Mary Jane. Fellow Avenger Iron Man flew his body to safety, where Peter's identity can be protected. Where do we go from here? How about Avengers Tower? Mary Jane meets up with Aunt May and her new boy toy Jarvis, where they grieve together as a family over the news of Peter's death. Mary Jane then goes to see the body, then has a talk with Captain America, then Tony Stark about keeping Peter's secret identity as Spider-Man still a secret. MJ and Tony finally decide on a way to explain Peter's death to the real world, as what may (or may not) appear to be a blossoming romance between the two begins. Mary Jane then makes her way back to Aunt May, before trying to retire for the evening. Unable to sleep, MJ has a very interesting conversation with Spider-Woman, whose powers has similar roots as Spider-Mans. Suddenly, a crash lets out from the lab where Peter's body is. When they arrive on the scene, they discover something very eerie: Someone has come through the window and desecrated Peter's body. Or was it it something else? Captain America surmises that more glass from the broken window is outside the building rather than inside the room where Peter's body is. What the heck happened? The next four pages does a little more to explain just that, as a teacher takes some children out for a little school trip to learn about spiders. The reader also learns a little more about what just might have happened to Peter back at Stark Towers. Story is continued in Amazing Spider-Man #527.

SPOILER boom your brain

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