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Algunos Spoilers Leer bajo riesgo


DETECTIVE COMICS #818..new chapter begins in the life of detective Jason Bard (Es el nuevo comisionado tal vez
ROBIN #149¿esta muerta batgirl y se culpa a robin?

NIGHTWING #119The streets of New York have never seen anything like the war raging between twin super-powered crime lords and?twin Nightwings? (jason es tambien nightwing?

SUPERMAN #651the Man of Steel mulls over an incredible offer ? with incredible ramifications ? from Green Lantern (¿de que podria tratarse?Recorrer el mundo como hal hizo con oliver?

SUPERGIRL #7It?s one year later?and Kara and Power Girl have become the dynamic duo of the bottle city of Kandor as the new Flamebird and Nightwing!
VILLAINS UNITED: INFINITE CRISIS SPECIALThe Society has orchestrated one of the biggest acts of terror the world has ever seen ? a global prison break. But when all of Earth's mightiest heroes are missing in action, who will be there to stop the tide of evil that threatens to engulf the entire planet? (y donde estan los heroes???)
AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS #41In Part 2 of the 6-part ?Once and Future,? the new Aquaman begins the hunt for his missing father (¿es arthur el desaparecido??? es este su hijo? cual de ellos???)
BIRDS OF PREY #93parece confirmarse lo de gypsy como nueva miembro del grupo
ION #1A distraught Kyle Rayner has emerged one year later, transformed with abilities that may surpass those of any Green Lantern ever. So beware his power?because his might may not be on the side of right Se vuelve alguien que no puede controlar su nuevo poder quizas y porque se ve como un lantern

Learn more about the newest member of the Legion as the team tries to come to terms with the identity of this powerhouse blonde from the 21st century!
y que pasa con La anterior que esta con power girl

TEEN TITANS #35...Plus, wait until you see which former Titans are involved with the new Doom Patrol ? and why! (se confirmara lo de beast boy como nuevo lider de la doom patrol??)

Fin del Spoilers

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