Primera Imagen de La Liga de Meltzer segun Wizard

Batman: "You Look Good. Clark. You too
Diana." (Pause) "What's Wrong. Clark?
Superman: ....NothingBatman: You only hesitate when you wear the glasses. What's Wrong?Superman: Nothing I'm just wondering if we should call the others.
Wonder Woman: We Broke it Clark. We should be the ones to put it back together.(Pause) ok who's first...?

Superman: Captain Marvel
Batman: I want himWW: Bruce, Remember the part about starting with discussion?
Superman: No one knows where he is
BM: Then we should find him. The League needs him. He should be on the team.
WW: I'm not arguing. But let's be clear on the why and it can't just be because you think he is easy to control
BM: That is not what I said
WW: But it's what you are thinking.
SM: What's amazing is that Marvel hasn't reached his potential yet.
BM: We'll get him thereWW: He is a childBM: Are you questioning the wisdom of Solomon?
WW: (Gives a playful stare) Cute Bruce, But just so you know There is no way you're getting my vote for Nightwing
SM: Merciful Minerva...
WW: Okay, Who's next? Red Tornado?
SM: He's Dead
BM: C'mon Clark, you of all people know this one.... he'll be back.

There pictures of Aquaman, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Red Tornado and Hawkman on the table along with other pics that are covered.

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