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Noticias Dc San Diego

Varios puntos se tocaron, en la San diego convencion entre las noticias que dijeron la primera es que Adam Hugues estara en All star Wonder Woman, Asi como que Mark Waid y George Perez volveran a hacer duo en The Brave and The Bold donde debutaran con Batman y Linterna Verde ademas de que tambien se comento lo siguiente

Gail Simone: Might see Birds of Prey meet up with Secret Six.

Mark Waid: Might see Supergirl's return to Krypton.

Morrison: The secret origin of Bat-Mite.

Johns: Raven returns to Teen Titans.

Dini: Read Detective closely - hey may not be as stand-alone as you think.

Busiek: Lana Lang versus the Insect Queen.

Meltzer: In the JLA/JSA crossover, there's a third team.

Dodson: Neither Donna Troy or Diana Prince is Wonder Woman in issue #3.

Jamal Igle: Mikhail Arkadin is the Firestorm in issue #27

Willingham: Detective Chimp will prove Batman is the best human detective in the DCU, and
Blue Devil gets a promotion and starts rhyming.

Bilson: A kid named Inertia is behind a lot of the problems.

Johns: Intertia will be in "Titans East" as well. Volvera el Clon de Bart Thadeus Tawnee que repercusion tendran en el nuevo Flash......

Ademas le preguntaron a los artistas que comic les gustaria hacer he aqui sus respuestas
Waid: Maybe an All-Star Flash ?

Morrison: Go back to Frankenstein

Winick: Barry Ween, and a Red Hood mini-series

Dini: Enemy Ace

Johns: Batman and Robin

Simone: Captain Marvel

Busiek: Kamandi

Meltzer: All Star Squadron, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes

Dodson: Batgirl

Jamal Igle: Superman

Willingham: Mr. Miracle ? ?I?d kill a yak to do it, and bought one in preparation"

Bilson: Sgt. Rock

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